Microviable Therapeutics is developing a novel category of microbiota-based biotherapeutic products for infectious diseases, skin and neurological disorders. Our current strategy includes two different products: a unique in its kind complete microbiota and live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) based on rationally design bacterial consortia. We have several preclinical stage programs aiming to perform clinical trials by the end of 2022.

Our preclinical stage programs and related information are disclosed below:

Program Indication Product Type(s) Discovery Preclinical Clinical
MVT-201 Infectious Diseases Complete Microbiota HPM®    
MVT-601 Skin disorder Bacterial consortia & HPM®    
MVT-801 Neurological disorder Complete Microbiota HPM®  
MVT-2401 Oncology Bacterial consortia & HPM®  
MVT-701 Healthy ageing Bacterial consortia    
MVT-1001 Sports performance Bacterial consortia    
MVT-2501 Mental health Bacterial consortia    

Program: MVT-Prj-601

Indication: Atopic Dermatitis

Discovery Fase

Program: MVT-Prj-701

Indication: Longevity

Discovery Fase

Program: MVT-Prj-1001

Indication:Sports Performance

Data collection fase

Program: MVT-201

Indication: Infectious Diseases

Product type: Complete Microbiota HiPMTM

Preclinical fase

Program: MVT-601

Indication: Skin disorder

Product type: Bacterial consortia

Discovery fase

Program: MVT-801

Indication: Neurological disorder

Product type: Bacterial consortia

Preclinical fase

Over the last four years we have built up our platform powered by innovation leading to tangible products and technologies. Microviable Therapeutics currently have one of the largest and most diverse proprietary, gut bacterial strain culture collections as well the technology to isolate and preserve viable microbiota for long-term without altering its original identity.