Biotherapeutics Development

Biotherapeutics development represents a major breakthrough in the field of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases such as cancer. For conventional medicine, it is a significant discovery, and now Microviable is part of that select group.

Our biotherapeutic products open the doors to alternative therapies other therapy alternatives and probiotics. We are the new solution for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

We develop drugs and treatments derived from human intestinal the microbiota. We formulate our biotherapeutic biotherapy products based on the needs of our clients or on  by utilizing parts of our ongoing projects. Thanks to our extensive collection of bacterial strains cultures, we offer a comprehensive and innovative biotherapeutic development service.

What is biotherapeutics development?

Biotherapy is one of the greatest discoveries of the late 20th century. Today, its achievements continue to amaze us and continue to break the mould of conventional medicine.   

We are talking about a new formulation of medications obtained from substances produced by living beings. Biotherapeutics development consists inof creating medicines from cultures of human cells, animals, viruses and bacteria. Their contribution to the development of treatments for chronic diseases is invaluable to modern medicine.

At Microviable we have created PharmaBiota®, our Platform for the Development of new microbiota-derived biologics that allows us to generate biotherapeutics based on commensal microorganisms, developing new medicines for human health. In addition, we have an extensive collection of bacterial strains cultures with more than a thousand isolates belonging to almost two hundred different bacterial species. This is our arsenal of solutions, the largest library of cellular knowledge to be leveraged for manage biotherapeutic developments. With the unconditional support of a committed and professional team, we produce new biotherapeutic treatments, including LBPs and probiotics.

Diseases and ailments of digestive origin are becoming more and more common and new- generation probiotics will be an indispensable product for society. Their development will greatly improve the health of millions of people suffering from dysbiosis disorders in the gut microbiota.

Biotherapeutically developed medicines offer an effective alternative to treat diseases that are already being improved by new treatments.

Desarrollo Bioterapéutico
laboratorio de desarrollos bioterapéuticos

Process and applications of biotherapy

Biotherapeutically developed treatments are formulated from living substances.The active component of biotherapeutic treatments is often living organisms, such as bacterial cells. Unlike chemically synthesised drugs, these cells are more complex and sensitive than traditional drugs. Their cells are more sensitive and complex than those used for chemically synthesised drugs. For that reason, our manufacturing process has been designed to mantain viabiliy and precisely meet all safety and quality controls.  

At Microviable we serve pharmaceutical and food companies for the development of new biotherapeutic products. Our extensive experience, as well as our facilities and our integral platform for microbiota isolation, are at the disposal of entrepreneurs who want to innovate in the field of medicine. We work to achieve excellence, always seeking maximum optimisation to avoid any disturbance in the final product. 

Biotherapeutic medical solutions have had a major impact on the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as Crohn’s disease. They are the answer to hundreds of questions that are finally solved, becoming an alternative cure and prevention for many health problems.

Biotherapeutic medicines offer an effective alternative to treat diseases that are already improving thanks to new treatments.

Advantages of biotherapeutic development

Biotherapeutic development has brought great advances to the field of medicine and immense benefits to the field of research and clinical treatment. Some of these remarkable advantages are the driving force behind the advancement of biocellular research. 

Biotherapeutic medicine, in addition to treating chronic and acute ailments, also serves to diagnose some diseases. As their molecular structure is very similar to those produced by the human body, their function has a very positive impact in our organism.

Due to the study and discoveries made through research into the biotherapeutic process, it has been possible to strengthen the treatment of incurable diseases. In many of these cases, the patient’s improvement has not come until the appropriate biotherapy drugs have been implemented into their daily routine. 

Thanks to these cutting-edge treatments, millions of people have been able to balance their chronic symptoms and fight previously unsolvable disorders. They have gained in quality of life and now enjoy a healthier life experience.  

At Microviable, we know that evolution comes from the vanguard. We look ahead in search of innovation, ready to continue building the future.

Are you joining the change?  Biotherapeutic development depends on your entrepreneurial vision and our commitment to science.

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