ABOUT GutAlive®

Anaerobic microbiome collection kit

GutAlive® has been designed to collect and transport microbiota samples in anaerobic conditions enabling bacterial viability, including strict anaerobic bacteria, to warranty the original microbial composition and diversity.

GutAlive® is the unique microbiome collection kit that generates an anaerobic atmosphere enabling oxygen sensitive bacteria to survive, maintaining the original composition and diversity of the microbiota.

GutAlive®  maintains the bacterial viability together with DNA stability and integrity, a best in class device suitable for both anaerobic bacteria isolation and microbiome analyses.

GutAlive® is a suitable device for microbiome sampling with no limitation on DNA quality and quantity for NGS technologies and microbiome analyses through 16s rRNA sequencing or metagenomics.

The use of GutAlive®  to collect and transport the stool sample at room temperatura enables downstream isolation of a wide diversity of bacterial genera, including anaerobic bacteria.

GutAlive® guarantees sample stability over 72 hours, without refrigeration, to ensure the proper atmosphere conditions for sample collection and transport to the laboratory.

GutAlive® is a unique on its kind device with a high-capacity container that can fit up to 120 grams of stool sample enabling various downstream applications like fecal microbiota transplant (FMT), bacterial isolation and microbiome analysis.

GutAlive® enables to standardize sample collection and transport, without refrigeration, minimizing variations among procedures and maintaining the original composition of the microbiome, key items for downstream analysis and applications especially for microbiota-based therapeutics and diagnostics.

Licensed Medical Device 7245-PS

GutAlive® is not available for individuals, it is commercially available for clinicians and researchers.
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GutAlive® is the unique anaerobic stool collection device that ensures sample stability and microbiota viability, preserving the original microbiota composition and diversity by creating an anaerobic atmosphere inside. It also preserves DNA integrity thanks to bacterial cell viability.

GutAlive® is being used for bacterial isolation, including strict anaerobic bacteria, FMT procedures and for microbiome analysis through metagenomics, in more than twenty countries at several hospitals, research centers and R&D companies.

Included in the normalized protocols of the Spanish Association of Gastroenterology for Fecal Microbiota Transplantation procedures


The kit to maintain anaerobic conditions of stool samples that ensures the viability of the intestinal microbiota. GutAlive® is commercially available as a kit that contains all the necessary components to collect and ship the stool sample.

Microbiota viability and stability enabled by the rapid generation of anaerobic conditions using GutAlive® kit

GutAlive® enables DNA-based microbiome analysis without disrupting the original composition and diversity

Filling the gap between collection, transport and storage of the human gut microbiota using GutAlive®


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International hospitals and research centers from academia and industry are using GutAlive® for sample collection and transport in optimal conditions.