Microviable Therapeutics SL, a preclinical stage biotechnology company developing orally administered biological drugs based on microbiota-derived products, announced 1.5 million euros seed funding from the private medical group Inmunomet Intolerancia y Disbiosis SL.

Microviable will use the seed funding to enhance their therapeutic development platform and advance their pipeline to the clinical stage. The lead product, MVT-201, is under evaluation at pre-clinical stage with positive results, and it is an unique in its kind biological drug based on complete microbiota (HiPMTM) for undisclosed targets. The microbiota-derived product development platform also includes rationally design and defined bacterial consortia that will be advanced with this funding. This investment will enable to consolidate Microviable’s growth and focus towards the therapeutics, while increasing their facilities and headcount.

“We are really excited for Microviable´s future and grateful for this opportunity to bring novel solutions to healthcare with the ultimate goal of improving the patients’ quality of life”, said Claudio Hidalgo Cantabrana, PhD, co-founder and CEO at Microviable. “We wanted a strategic partner that shares our vision of using microbiota-derived biological drugs to treat patients while providing smart capital, and Inmunomet fulfills all of our expectations”.

Inmunomet is a private medical group specialized in intolerances and gut dysbiosis related disorders with strong experience on the clinic. With this investment, Inmunomet is seeking to be part of Microviable´s growth being ahead on the development of novel solutions based on microbiota-derived biotherapeutic products. Inmunomet provides not only the funding but smart capital and synergies on the clinic, very well aligned with Microviable focus and providing access to the real-world clinical needs to address unmet challenges in human health.

About Microviable
Microviable Therapeutics SL, spun out from the Spanish National Research Council in 2016, focused on developing novel technologies and therapeutic products from the microbiota. Over the last years, Microviable lunched a disruptive product for microbiota sampling that has grown exponentially into an international market with clients across fifteen different countries. Moreover, it has developed a unique technology to store human microbiota for downstream therapeutic applications. Currently, Microviable’s platform together with its large and diverse proprietary bacterial culture collection, has enabled the
development of two different products, a unique in its kind product of complete microbiota and rationally defined bacterial consortia.

Contact details:
Claudio Hidalgo Cantabrana
Teléfono: +34670034435
Email: claudio.hidalgo@microviable.com

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