Our new research article: “GutAlive® enables DNA-based microbiome analysis without disrupting the original composition and diversity”

A precise faecal microbiome analysis requires normalized methods for microbiome sampling, transport and manipulation in order to obtain a representative snapshot of the microbial community. That is why Microviable Therapeutics SL developed GutAlive®, the unique stool collection kit that generates an anaerobic atmosphere enabling oxygen-sensitive bacteria to survive, maintaining the original microbiome composition and diversity.

In this research paper, we demonstrate that GutAlive maintains the viability of bacterial cells for up to 5 days, at room temperature, preserving the integrity of the DNA as well, without the addition of undesired reagents that directly interact with the sample. This commercial device enables self-collection of the sample by the donor, and the shipment to the laboratory facilities for microbiome metagenomic analysis, faecal microbiota transplantation and bacterial isolation, among other downstream applications.

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