The TV show Conexión Asturias (RTPA) showcased Microviable Therapeutics activity in the microbiota field, currently focus on live biotherapeutic products (LBPs) development for Crohn´s disease and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Microviable is a startup from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) with the main goal of repurposing the power of the human microbiota by developing microbiota-based biotherapeutic products to improve the patients quality of life.

Claudio Hidalgo, the CEO of the company explains: “The microbiota is already consider a human organ and there is evidence of microbiota alterations and its relationship with specific diseases. The microbiota plays a key role in human health maintaining the gut homeostasis, producing vitamins and neurotransmitters among other components.

We currently have two amazing projects ongoing with clinicians focused on Crohn´s disease, at the University Hospital of Asturias (HUCA); and another one focused on Autism Spectrum Disorder in collaboration with Ramón y Cajal Hospital, in Madrid. The competition of these projects will enable us to understand the existing microbiome and metabolites alterations in the disease and how we can formulate and develop LBPs, based on the defined microbial consortia, to improve the patients quality of life.