Inmunobiota is one of the projects selected in CSIC-COCREA that seeks to develop products based on microbiota to combat infections and enhance the immune response.


Immunotherapy has improved the prognosis of lung cancer, although its effectiveness may be reduced due to changes in the microbiota.

Patients are often hospitalized for infections that require multiple courses of antibiotics, which cause resistance and modify their microbiota.

The challenge is to understand which microorganisms in the microbiota enhance the tumor immune response and minimize the appearance of resistance.


To analyze the changes in the microbiota of patients with lung cancer undergoing a fecal microbiota transplant and identify the microorganisms that improve the clinical status after treatment with immunotherapy.

Verify which microorganisms in Microviable Therapeutics, including those already available or new isolates, have similar or greater effects than those detected in the microbiota to combat infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

Develop and evaluate new microbiota-based products in clinical trials to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy.


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