Microviable Therapeutics will be presenting at XIV Workshop of SEMiPYP (Spanish Society of Microbiota, Probiotics and Prebiotics) taking place on March 8th-10th at Pamplona. Claudio Hidalgo, CEO at Microviable, Noelia Martínez, R&D Director, and Ignacio Montero, Computational Biologist, will discuss “Validation of GutAlive® for microbiome analysis using culture-dependent and culture-independent techniques”.

The Microviable team will join leading experts who will show their experience in highly topical issues in the world of microbiota. In particular, special mention will be made of the new advances in research in microbiota, probiotics and prebiotics, to continue advancing in theoretical understanding and scientific demonstration of the importance of this matter in the “Diet-Microbiota-Health” axis.

For more information or to meet with us at the conference please contact us