During 2023 Microviable Therapeutics has attended several leading events in the fields of microbiota, pharma and investment.

In some cases we have participated as speakers with presentations and posters. This is the case of Microbiome Connect (5,6 July in Amsterdam), where Pilar Manrique, scientific researcher at Microviable, spoke about how to develop a therapeutic product based on the microbiome (“A path to develop a donor-based microbiome therapeutic product”). Also at Farmaforum (20, 21 September in Madrid) Noelia Martínez, R&D Director, participated in the panel “Regulatory protection and new advances in microbiota, probiotics and prebiotics”. And we attended the Microbiome & Probiotic R&D & Business Collaboration Forum, where the Microviable team talked about how the GutAlive® device maintains gut microbiota composition, diversity and viability for various downstream applications (“GutAlive® enables gut microbiota composition, diversity and viability for various downstream applications”).

On the other hand, we have participated in events, such as Anglonordic in London, HLTH in Las Vegas or BioSpain in Barcelona, where Claudio Hidalgo, CEO of the company, and Rafael Permuy, CBO, have joined the main players in biotechnology and investment for new collaboration and growth opportunities.

Finally, we have also been sponsors of conferences such as Biotec 2023 (July 17 to 20, Madrid)

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