Microviable Therapeutics SL (Gijón, Asturias, Spain), announced a contractual agreement with BCD Bioscience Inc. (California, USA) to work on microbial fermentation and novel prebiotics to modulate the human gut microbiome.

Microviable expertise on gut microbiome research will enable to conveniently process microbiota samples for fermentation applications that coupled with BCD Bioscience advance prebiotics platform will open new avenues into human health and nutrition.

We are excited for this collaborative project joining forces with BCD Bioscience and providing our expertise to such a great team”, said Claudio Hidalgo, PhD, co-founder and CEO.

About Microviable

Microviable Therapeutics SL, spun out from the Spanish National Research Council in 2016, has extensive experience on gut microbiome research developing novel technologies for gut microbiota purification and bacterial targeted and non-targeted isolation. Microviable’s platform, together with the large and diverse proprietary bacterial culture collection, has enabled the development of two different products, a unique in its kind product of complete microbiota and rationally defined and designed bacterial consortia.