Microviable Therapeutics, which develops oral drugs based on microbiota-derived products, hopes to soon open a financing round of more than five million euros to advance its research toward the clinical phase, according to Claudio Hidalgo, CEO at the company.

The company expects to raise new funds that will ensure it reaches clinical trials for its product aimed at infectious diseases and also hopes to advance in the development of two products: one for oncological disease and the other for autoimmune disease.

Microviable Therapeutics’ most advanced product is MVT-201, which has been evaluated in preclinical phase with positive results and is a unique biologic based on whole gut microbiota for several indications. The company hopes that it will move into the clinical phase very soon.

The product is obtained by purification and does not require propagation, maintaining the high concentration, diversity and richness in microorganisms as the original microbiota of a healthy person. Thanks to Microviable Therapeutics’ technology, the company can obtain purified human microbiota in viable conditions for use as therapeutics.

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