Microviable Therapeutics participates in the ninth edition of Gut Microbiota For Health Summit (GMFH2020)

Microviable Therapeutics, through our CEO Rafael Martínez Permuy, was part of the “Gut Microbiota for Health World Summit” (#GMFH2020) that was held on March 7 and 8 in Madrid, a great international event on microbiota that has recorded 200 attendees in person plus some others by videoconference (videoconference due to travel restrictions).

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Microviable Therapeutics pioneer in the field of microbiota.

El Comercio (Diario de Asturias), highlights Microviable’s activity in “the long-term isolation and storage of the microbiota under viable conditions, the analysis of its composition and, finally, the development of microbiome-based therapies. The first two business lines of Microviable, the collection of faecal samples guaranteeing the anaerobiosis (absence of oxygen) conditions with the patented GutAlive device, and the storage service, are already fully active. The GutAlive kit sales already reach five countries and more than half of the researchers or clinicians who know it, want to try it.

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Microviable Therapeutics, as part of CSIC stand, participates at the European Forum Transferie 2020

Microviable Therapeutics was in the group of technology-based companies that the CSIC presented at Transfiere 2020, the European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, which was held in Malaga on 12 and 13 February.

During the event, Rafael Martinez Permuy, CEO at Microviable, commented that the microbiota is already related to about 120 diseases and points out the need for a gut microbiota storage system for future therapeutic applications in the line of the “library” that the company is creating.

Rafael highlighted also the sale of more than 600 Gutalive kits for the collection of stool samples in anaerobiosis and the EC Seal of Excellence in H2020 received by the company.

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